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'Your Getaway' Essential interior design tips for holiday homes...

You’re lucky enough to have a ‘getaway.’ A holiday house. A place to escape to. Great!

You turn the key each time you return and horror of horrors - you spend the first few days cleaning, disinfecting, clearing the pantry, and getting the stale smell out of the house.

These are the interior design choices you NEED to make to have an incredibly beautiful and welcoming holiday space, that’s been designed for practicality, easy living, and low maintenance.

Designed to survive for the long periods it’s locked up, and the times when it’s bursting with family and takes a bit of a beating.

Listed are our top tips for restful and rewarding holiday spaces that keep work and worry to a minimum.


The style should be relaxed, the colours restful, and the furnishings low care, BUT, this house should be another great design style that you love, but not the same as home. It should feel different every time you walk through the door, and remind you, you're here to rest.


Great choices are those that are easy to clean and don’t retain odours or moisture.

Painted concrete floors or timber boards are two perfect options.

A low sheen floor paint tinted to any colour that works for your property, feels amazing underfoot, adds a great design feature and is so easy to clean.

Add rugs to create zones. Choose rugs that can be either hosed down outside or washed at a commercial laundry.


Minimal well chosen pieces that add a second use. Avoid clutter and choose restful tones.

Mirrors, practical and great design pieces.

Wall hooks installed inside for jackets , scarves, hats etc, installed outside for towels, bathers, beach buckets etc. Keep floors, furniture and cooking surfaces clear.