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'Your Getaway' Essential interior design tips for holiday homes...

You’re lucky enough to have a ‘getaway.’ A holiday house. A place to escape to. Great!

You turn the key each time you return and horror of horrors - you spend the first few days cleaning, disinfecting, clearing the pantry, and getting the stale smell out of the house.

These are the interior design choices you NEED to make to have an incredibly beautiful and welcoming holiday space, that’s been designed for practicality, easy living, and low maintenance.

Designed to survive for the long periods it’s locked up, and the times when it’s bursting with family and takes a bit of a beating.

Listed are our top tips for restful and rewarding holiday spaces that keep work and worry to a minimum.


The style should be relaxed, the colours restful, and the furnishings low care, BUT, this house should be another great design style that you love, but not the same as home. It should feel different every time you walk through the door, and remind you, you're here to rest.


Great choices are those that are easy to clean and don’t retain odours or moisture.

Painted concrete floors or timber boards are two perfect options.

A low sheen floor paint tinted to any colour that works for your property, feels amazing underfoot, adds a great design feature and is so easy to clean.

Add rugs to create zones. Choose rugs that can be either hosed down outside or washed at a commercial laundry.


Minimal well chosen pieces that add a second use. Avoid clutter and choose restful tones.

Mirrors, practical and great design pieces.

Wall hooks installed inside for jackets , scarves, hats etc, installed outside for towels, bathers, beach buckets etc. Keep floors, furniture and cooking surfaces clear.

Art because it’s beautiful, personal to you, takes no space and requires no upkeep. Try printed canvas or art pieces without glass that may go milky and need cleaning.

Hurricane lamps for subtle lighting inside or out. Soft atmospheric lighting is relaxing.

Lap rugs that look beautiful, can keep you warm, be used as a rug on the lawn, can go on a picnic.

(Hot climates) An outdoor shower. Add hooks or towel rail close by. (even if it’s a hose with all the right fittings on a tree!) Awesome.

Melamine plates can do double duty, they can be as exceptionally designed as fine dinnersets, and can also be use for picnics and any outdoor dining.

Glasses as above, invest in gorgeous unbreakable pieces. Peace comes from peace of mind.

Baskets for casual storage of daily used items. Keep items grouped.

Multi purpose furniture pieces like large hinged rectangular basket storage can double as bench seating or storage ottomans that double as side tables.

Two fab quality white sheet sets per bed is better than a cupboard stuffed full of old or cheap sheeting.

Small towels instead of beach towels. You’ll wash ten in a load instead of three.

Downlight’s (for coastal properties) polycarbonate fittings (no rusting) need no maintenance and leave no rust marks.

Decent airing cupboards for towel and linen storage (invest in this) and don’t overcrowd these cupboards.


Jar and container storage is a MUST for all long life pantry foods. Invest once only in sealed containers instead of replacing infested or contaminated foods.

Add great labels for a design feature. Feel confident knowing you’ll always have staples on hand when you arrive.


The best quality mattress you can afford. No latex in humid climates. Something that breathes.

Add bedding layers. Using multiple lightweight pieces means you can launder just what you need more regularly than having to deal with bulky items you can’t fit in your regular laundry routine.


Two inexpensive must haves.

Timer lights for a few lamps and an inexpensive back to phone portable wireless security system to track activity on your property. Can be done for less than $200.


The best thing you can do for your peace of mind and the quality experience you can get from your special place is to keep things simple, easy to organise and clean, and create beauty with less things of a better standard. It’s the perfect place to practice quality over quantity. Enjoy.

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