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Equal access interior design, meets country homeowners where they live.

Remote Interior Design for rural and country homeowners.

The concept and practice of remote (equal access) interior design services has gained popularity over the last few years, and has developed in sophistication to the point where all home owners require today to take advantage of this easy convenient home design service, is the ubiquitous smart mobile phone. It is a new gateway to interior design.

Tech developments that now allow a large percentage of interior design work to be done remotely, mean that today, interior designers can provide and implement effective design for our remote country neighbors who have previously had limited, or no access to professional interior design services.

The same technology developments have also allowed a migration from the city to more remote areas for families who can now run small businesses remotely while enjoying the values of a simpler family lifestyle.

For the first time since the financial crisis, ABS migration data indicates that families (rather than the baby boomers) are shifting to the country or the coast and taking their own remotely run businesses with them.

Exciting from a design perspective for many reasons, starting with, country properties are truly a designer’s dream.

Typically, these rural homes are older residences with high ceilings, simple heritage details, and beautifully crafted inherited furniture pieces, that are all begging for a refresh.

If you believe, as we do, “that peoples lives are improved when a space is purposefully designed for the way they live” then who is more deserving of those lifestyle benefits than our hard-working farmers, country families and coastal residents.

The opportunity for a designer to modernize the colours, showcase important pieces of collected furniture, create effective and welcoming mudrooms, is irresistible.

Todays ‘Modern Australian Country Home’ has a look of authenticity of place, and a sense of history, complimented with up to date design elements arranged for today’s living.

It is design used to its best. Blending heritage and modern elements, creating bright light filled rooms utilizing paint selection and furnishing choices, celebrating the uniqueness of 100-year-old kitchens with careful reinvention and unexpected charm.

Todays digital connections through Cloud, ease of use mobile technology,

ubiquitous social media, internet and software, have finally given our country residents the same access to design advice as any city dweller.

We look forward to working alongside rural home owners in the future and being part of a purposeful modernization and renewal of their treasured family homes.

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