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BEHIND THE FACADE I Art in urban transformation...

As our cities move upwards and urban living becomes smaller and more compact, we look for additional ways to give the 5TH room even more personality, and use design elements that are more connected to the overall design of the interior of our homes.

The small courtyard or balcony garden that forms part of many traditional and new build dwellings can often be just a few square metres, and they come with a mix of challenges such as a need for privacy, unsightly exposed services pipes, and hard featureless walls, making it a difficult to unify with the interior space.

Today, architects, designers, and landscape architects are looking to those hard surface walls and fences as a place to add detail, drama, and design features. Walls are now being treated to their own artistic finishes, with modern influences.

Wall murals in particular are being used as an opportunity to create a focal point in the garden or courtyard space that reflects back the interior space, further reinforcing a connection to the dwellings interior living spaces.

The obvious benefit of the wall mural is that it is one dimensional and doesn’t disrupt valuable space needed for lounge and dining seating.

Here are but a few of the benefits to be gained from mural wall art.

1. Starting with, well, its art!! It’s the way we express our personal taste in our home space.

2. It can be employed to provide an aspect of perspective that will visually add length or depth, and create an illusion of more space.

3. It can be as modern or traditional as you like and reflect the design values of the home.

4. A hand painted wall mural is waterproof and fade resistant.

5. It’s a piece of bespoke and original art that is unique to you.

6. The art mural can be as small or large as it needs to be to create the right effect for the space.

7. It can be carefully designed to be a backdrop to planted beds or feature pots.

8. It can be a dramatic or subtle evening focal point with the right lighting.

So be brave, do something personal for you and perfect for the outdoor space. Create another level of design excellence with an element that has been considered carefully to work hard at bringing a range of new aesthetic benefits to your garden.

Create a place that you can’t wait to come home to? A place where you and your friends will relax in the open air, solving the problems of the world, with the help of a chilled white.

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