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'The High's and Low's of interior design room budgets. Blow by blow... we break it down

I have never yet sat down with a client who didn't squirm somewhat when I put the total cost for a schedule of furniture and furnishings in front of them, for an entire home.

It doesn't matter if they have a $10,000 budget or a $1M budget, there is usually a moment of silence.

Because, rarely do we ever buy every single furnishing item for an entire home in one go.

Over a long career dedicated to building, rebuilding, renovating, remodelling, and designing, I've yet to hear "Oh, that's great, just what we were expecting and had budgeted for."

Have never heard it, suspect I never will.

There are several reasons for this. The first is that generally people don't even know what furnishings cost, so they can't know. The second is, they certainly haven't ever compiled a complete list, so they won't know.

We thought it would be useful for all people embarking on the process of design work to have a realistic idea of at least the 'high's and low's' of costs 'by room' for the purpose of budgeting.

We can never be too informed when we set out on our design journey, and understanding what you will potentially spend allows you to make better planning decisions.

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